Year 1 : From Launch to Birthday Party

Year 1 : From Launch to Birthday Party

Side Mission Records is very much built on the art of conversation, and running 1000MPH with our ideas… whatever they are.

‘I’d love to run my own label’

Side Mission Records was founded in late 2018 during a conversation between two friends which included ‘I’d love to run my own label’ and ‘We’d have to do something a little different though.’, followed by a few terrible ideas, and a few ideas which made the foundations of Side Mission Records.

‘We’d have to do something a little different though.’

With our initial focus, setting up the online distro our scene together into one place, we immediately began contacting independent record labels, unsigned bands and artists, and bringing a wide range of stock together ready for the launch on 31st January ’19 which included 7 independent record labels from the UK & Europe, and around 10 bands in our ‘Unsigned’ section.

Before the first drop of labels, we were already purchasing stock ready for the second label announcement, and Unsigned section boost… after a few coffee shop meet ups we discussed not rushing into the label side, and choosing our timing.

‘Let’s find our feet this year, and release a record next year’

A solid financial plan, which we stuck to for a solid 2-3 weeks.

‘Dude Trips are sitting on a release, and I’d regret not trying…’

A successful try. Four months later we released their debut album ‘Through Love & Death, You’re All I Have Left’. On CD & Vinyl, selling out pre-order bundles and having the record in a UK Distribution centre making it available to thousands of stores, including HMV who promoted the releases with an in store (Aberdeen) performance and signing session.

‘Imagine if we just packed everything up and took it to a show’

Seeing Masked Intruder and PEARS were playing Redrum (Stafford), we could only ask?… We went on to do three in as many months, and will continue to pop-up at Redrum for as long as Neil and the team will have us. We love it there.

‘Lyon Estates want to release an EP… in 7 weeks… it’s not mixed yet’

I (Dean) was never going to say no to this, ‘Hokitika’ is one of my personal favourite pop punk songs and the band are the nicest lads, it’s a complete no brainer that we would work as hard as possible in as little time as we had.. bundle items were still arriving two days before the release, but we did it!

Note: If you have a release lined up in the next month and are looking for an independent record label, there are tonnes out there that are not us.

‘We’re nearly one-year-old, birthday party?’

Saturday 1st February we took over Outpost, Liverpool joined by our two bands Dude Trips (Aberdeen) and Lyon Estates (York), and friends Mark Murphy of Crocodile God, Shackleford (Nuneaton), and Lewis’ band Bogans (Wrexham).

An amazing night, full of the label family and friends, we’ll update this with this years story, after the second birthday party!