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Scott Sellers - Influence [12"]

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People Of Punk Rock Records

Fans of Rufio!, did you enjoy SCOTT SELLERS jamming his favourite songs from back in the day? People Of Punk Rock Records (Canada) heard some people wanted this on vinyl so here it is, vinyl edition coming October featuring covers of Strung Out, Face to Face, Lagwagon, MxPx, NOFX, blink-182, Millencolin, BIGWIG, No Use For A Name (Official), Slick Shoes and the Descendents!

Track Listing:
1 Virginia Madison (Strung Out)
2 You Lied (Face To Face)
3 For Better Or For Worse (Slick Shoes)
4 Island Of Shame (Lagwagon)
5 Your Problem My Emergency (Mxpx)
6 The Longest Line (Nofx)
7 A New Hope (Blink-182)
8 Olympic (Millencolin)
9 Life Size Mirror (No Use For A Name)
10 Best Of Me (Bigwig)
11 When I Get Old (Descendents)
12 Influence