Lyon Estates

Bass - Rich Harrison
Vocals/Guitar - Jonny Gill
Vocals/Guitar - John Wace
Drums - Chris Flavell

Lyon Estates are a Pop Punk band from York, UK. Since their inception in 2011, Lyon Estates have played stages across the length and breadth of the UK and EU. This has given them the opportunity to play with local and international bands, including genre heroes MXPX. In doing so they have gained a global fan base and have garnered a reputation for having an explosive live show. After hitting viral status with their christmas tune “Merry Christmas, It’s Turbo Time” based on Arnold Schwarzenneggers Holiday Classic “Jingle All The Way”.

2017 was a shake up for the band, with Jonny Gill joining on lead vocals; eager to showcase their new writing dynamic and sound, the band returned to the studio to create “Welcome To The Family” (released on 25/10 through Side Mission Records). Bassist Rich Harrison said “It felt like a fresh start, I can hear all our old influences but, also a big stamp of Jonny. I’m really proud of the new songs. They are anthemic, if I can say so myself. Can’t wait to get out and play them all over the country and share them with everyone.”