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Korsakoff Oy / Traumat (Split 7")

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7" Vinyl
82 Records

Korsakoff Oy! A punk rock trio hailing from Hyvinkää, Finland. A generous mix of aggressive and the familiar sound of nostalgic punk rock. 

Traumat!  Finnish punk rock veterans, dominating the scene since 2004, also hailing from the same town of Hyvinkää. Unique vocals, catchy hooks and choruses and a firm touch to punk rock is what describes this band.

There must be something in the water that side of the world.

Track Listing:
Korsakoff Oy
1. Hotelli Paavola
2. Saapas
3. Peltsi Blues
Side B: Traumat
1. Syystä Unohdettuja
2. Peter Goalby