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Money Left to Burn / The Affect Heuristic - VS.

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CD Digipak
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Money Left To Burn (Germany) and The Affect Heuristic (Belgium) combined and released one hell of a split under Lockjaw Records.

Track Listing:
01. Parallels (Money Left To Burn)
02. Scent Of Salt  (Money Left To Burn)
03. Something To Embrace  (Money Left To Burn)
04. Victimize  (Money Left To Burn)
05. Modern Slavery  (Money Left To Burn)
06. Against The Grain ( The Affect Heuristic)
07. Tightrope ( The Affect Heuristic)
08. Who, Me?  (The Affect Heuristic)
09. Uneven  (The Affect Heuristic)
10. Vessel  (The Affect Heuristic)