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The Hostiles - Last Call

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The Hostiles bring the upbeat energy of west coast US ska punk to the less-sunny climes of west coast Scotland. Their take is spirited and infectious, combining distorted guitars riffs, low-slung rhythms, in-your-face vocals and a two-pronged brass backbone of trumpet and trombone. It’s a formula that’s helped the five-piece build a strong reputation on the live circuit as an act to be reckoned with, good times guaranteed. 

"Upbeat, effervescent, bouncy and danceable" - Punktastic 
"Infectious and overflowing with energy"- Big Cheese Magazine 
"Awesome!!" - Aaron Barrett (Reel Big Fish)

Track Listing:
01. Happy Hour
02. Ed Knows
03. Inconsiderable
04. You Liar!
05. I'll Assume It's Cool
06. Night Out
07. Wish You All The Best
08. Spent My Life
09. So I Wonder
10. Late Nights
11. To Err Is Human
12. Released From Captivity
13. Nobody Else
14. Last Call